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yes of course, Hpelsocio E Learning offers free courses designed by experts in various fields, making quality education accessible to all. With a user-friendly platform and online accessibility, learners can study from anywhere, anytime. This is an excellent opportunity for those who can’t afford traditional education or want to broaden their knowledge.

there a re a lots of partners who works with us. from theme the following are available.

  1. Awurii Legal Wisdom
  2. Abdi Press
  3. Gedaa Usmee
  4. Haslawbook
  5. Lawyer Hasen Site
  6. Vestmaent etho
  7.  TilkTalk Networking
  8.  Onispire
  9.  KMH Architects are some of o

Yes of course.

Awurii is a traditional Ethiopian system of law and justice. It is based on the principles of mediation, consensus, and restorative justice. Awurii is administered by a council of elders, who are known for their wisdom and integrity. The council hears cases and makes decisions based on the facts of the case and the principles of Awurii.

Awurii is a complex system of law, but there are some general principles that apply to all cases. First, Awurii seeks to restore the balance of justice in the community. This means that the goal is not to punish the offender, but to help them make amends for their wrongdoing and to reintegrate them into the community. Second, Awurii is based on the principle of mediation. This means that the council of elders will try to help the parties to the dispute reach a mutually agreeable solution. Third, Awurii is based on consensus. This means that the council of elders will not make a decision unless all of the parties agree to it.

Awurii is an important part of Ethiopian culture and society. It provides a way for people to resolve disputes peacefully and to maintain social order.

Here are some examples of Awurii wisdom:

  • “A wise person is like a tree: they give shade to others, even when they are being cut down.”
  • “A fool is like a stone: they are heavy and difficult to move, but they are useless.”
  • “The best way to defeat your enemy is to make him your friend.”
  • “It is better to be kind than to be right.”
  • “The truth is like a lion: it cannot be hidden.”

Awurii wisdom is a valuable guide to living a good and just life. It teaches us to be compassionate, forgiving, and to always seek the truth

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